A downloadable game for Windows

Play with: WASD | Space = jump

Interacting with items: Walk over them

Your objective is to collect keys and unlocking doors. Pretty simple concept, but i like how it turned out.

Alot of time was wasted, so most of the levels/maps look like horse sh*t. Oh well, nothing to do now (^=

[+] If you're stuck, pressing f will skip the level, but you will forever be a loser #true fact

To play this game, first extract the .zip file, then run the .exe file



Holliday Quest.zip 22 MB


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This was ok. Nice xmas music and some decent platforming... :)

The game is not added to the competition.

Go to the qazijam9 itch.io page and add it there.

Otherwise it won't count.

I know bae qaziLove